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Monika Gugale, D.D.S.

Place yourself in the hands of this caring, understanding and knowledgeable dentist and feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease.

Dr. Monika Gugale has has had the opportunity of successfully treating many patients of all ages: infants, children, teenagers and adults for the last 12 years.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Monika and her team can help you achieve the confident smile you desire and also address any underlying dental problems that may be affecting your health. Many patients who were embarrassed to smile or had given up on smiling have been so happy after Dr. Monika's smile design and reconstruction, that they have completely transformed their lives in many different ways!

Dr. Monika keeps herself updated with the latest technologies and procedures so she can provide the best possible care to her patients.

                     She is proud to be a member of the Wheatland Community.



The American Dental Association


International Association for Orthodontics




California Dental Association

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation





Butte Sierra Dental society        Progressive Orthodontics Society


615 Olive Street
Wheatland, CA 95692
(530) 633-2865